Investing in the Stock Market: 4 Tips for Beginners

Investing in the Stock Market: 4 Tips for Beginners


It is quite common for novice investors to be attracted by the promise of investing in the Stock Exchange . Among these promises is high profitability, which can happen if you are a trader who works directly with the stock trader or makes a long-term investment in a company that likes, tracks and bets. It is not so simple to invest in the stock market (stocks) and the market is very unstable, which may not be suitable for those who have a more conservative profile and do not like risk. Investing in this market requires some care. The more knowledge you have before investing, the better the chances of you getting a good return in the future. Do you want to invest in the stock market and have no idea what you need to know? So check out the following 4 tips for beginners!

Knowing the risks is indispensable


It is true that investments in Stock Exchange are among the most profitable, but are also among the most risky. This is due to the fact that any change in the market can cause the stock markets around the world to fall, decreasing the value of stocks.

If you do not have the patience or can not leave the money invested, this could be a big problem for your profitability. So before you head into this type of investment, you need to be fully aware that the risks are as great as the potential for profits.

You will need a brokerage

You will need a brokerage

You may think that investing in the stock market simply consists of buying the famous stocks, but the truth is that you will not be able to do this independently. You will need a brokerage firm, which will be responsible for managing your stocks.

This step is usually quite simple and requires only the opening of an account at the brokerage house, which is where you will invest. Despite this, it is necessary to make the right choice, because different brokers have different brokerage and custody rates that can impact your profit.

Direct stock buying is not the only option

Direct stock buying is not the only option

Another thing you need to know is that the direct purchase of shares , done in an autonomous way, is not the only option to invest in the stock market. In fact, a great advantage of investing in the stock market is that you can have access to a good variety of options.

If you have a somewhat more conservative profile, for example, you could invest in investment clubs, where risks are diluted and shared by a group of investors. An investment stock fund allows you to buy shares of this fund, making trading easier. Index funds, in turn, are good options for diversifying your investment portfolio and require lower initial value than other options.

Acting on impulse can be fatal

Acting on impulse can be fatal

You also need to know that investing in the stock market is often a game of nerves, and it is up to those who have more self-control and practical assessment of the situation. With this, if you act on impulse, you can put to waste all your money and end up suffering from the losses.

Knowing this is important because not always a drop in the market means that stocks should be sold at any price, just as not always a valuation should mean that you should stay with the shares indefinitely, for example.

By understanding the need to think before you act, therefore, you multiply the chances that your money will also be multiplied.

Making investments on the stock exchange is not as complicated as it sounds, but they also can not be done blindly. By better understanding how this type of investment works, you will be more prepared to allocate your money correctly and increase the chances of seeing profits arise.


How to Make a Table for Daily Expenditure Control in Excel

How to Make a Table for Daily Expenditure Control in Excel


 Organizing your spending on a spreadsheet is the best way to keep your financial life under control. As complicated as it may seem, we will show you how, through simple procedures, you can create a table for daily expenditure control in Excel. Follow the post today and know all the steps necessary to create your own spreadsheet!

Table structure

Table structure

The first step in constructing a table is to define its structure, starting with its header. In it, you must determine the amount of time you want to track spending on the worksheet. Because it is a daily control chart, division into days, months and years is recommended. Dispose of the information in a way that you deem most practical for your viewing and understanding.

Listing Expenses

Listing Expenses

Defined the header, the second step is to list and categorize your expenses. It is suggested that categories be created that encompass certain types of expenses, which will facilitate their identification and control. You can create a category for housing, health, food, transportation, leisure and so on. An “Other” category might be of interest to include items that you can not categorize on existing tabs.

It is also possible to differentiate the expenses between fixed and variable, entering the first expenses as rent, condominium and IPTU and, in the second, expenses with meals, supply of vehicles, purchase of medicines etc.

In both cases, it is important that a total expenditure be assessed at the end of each period. So, making use of tools like self-sum can be interesting and make your job easier.

Because it is a daily expense control chart, it is very important for its proper functioning that all expenses made on the day are posted, however insignificant they may appear. Including all expenses, you will have a real sense of what your situation is.



Total day-to-day spending is of utmost importance, and you can also maintain that same control with weekly, monthly, and yearly expenses. By simply using formulas, you can add a value to the other and generate results without having to add item by item.

Applying formulas in the table for daily expenditure control

Applying formulas in the table for daily expenditure control

Excel gives your users the ability to do everything from the simplest to the most complex accounts automatically.

To perform any operation, simply select the cell where you want the result to be displayed. Always start operations with the equal sign. Then type the location of the cells that you want to work in the operation.

For ease of visualization, let’s take a practical example: I want to add the values ​​displayed in cell D4 to those in cell J9. It is enough to start with the equal sign (=), add the location of the first cell (D4), insert the signal of the desired operation (+) and add the location of the second cell (J9), resulting in this sentence: = D4 + J9 .

When you press enter, the operation will be performed and the result displayed. The same holds true for operations of subtraction, division and multiplication, by simply using their corresponding signals.

To sum the values ​​of a certain day, month or year, you can use the auto-sum or another very simple formula: like the one that was presented, start with the equal sign. Then enter the SUM operation. Then, within a parenthesis, place the cell location where the interval to be added starts and ends.

Let’s look at the example: we want to add up the expenditures between cells D2 and D23. To do so, simply follow the procedure indicated to have something like = SUM (D2: D23). The result shown will be the sum of all values ​​comprised between cells D2 and D23. The same goes for sum between different columns, as in the formula = SUM (D2: G2).

In addition to the expenses, you can also create a spreadsheet for recipes and, from the intersection between the two, get your monthly and annual financial flow. It may seem complicated to do all these operations, but when put into practice it is possible to realize that making a daily expenditure control in Excel is easier than you might think.

However, there are always alternatives that make it even easier to perform such tasks. Automatic applications such as Cheshire Cat are already available, which perform all these operations quickly and accurately.


Is it worth to hide debts that are consolidated from loved ones?

Czy warto ukrywać długi przed bliskimi?

We do not talk about debts most often. We think that they are a reason to be ashamed, which is why we skip this topic, even among the closest family. Hiding debts is, however, a hot topic for discussion – is it worth doing? Or maybe it’s better to discover all the cards right away? Can concealing information about debts give us trouble?

Possession of consolidated debt is nothing bad or abnormal – many of us have loans and loans , often for several dozen years. When we repay our commitments regularly, we have nothing to fear.

However, when we do not deal with the problem, we usually start to hide it from loved ones. This is primarily due to the fact that having unpaid debts is considered a cause for shame, as a sign that we do not deal with our lives because we can not earn enough money to cover our obligations.

What are the risks of debtors?

People who have difficulty paying their loans or loans are highly exposed to the so-called debt spiral. It appears when we take out new loans to cover our existing debts. As a result, there are more and more of them, they start to weigh, and debt does not decrease.

Of course, there are other consequences of consolidated debt that is difficult to pay off. P is a permanent stress that affects your health, for example it can cause heart problems, sores, insomnia, and even depression that can lead to suicidal thoughts. The indebted person becomes more introverted, has difficulty in normal contacts with the environment. There are even cases of divorce when the other spouse suddenly learned about the huge indebtedness of his other half.

Long – hide it or not?

It all depends on the nature of the debt. When we do not have any repayment difficulties or we know that we will be able to get out of the temporary financial hole, in such a situation we usually do not have to inform our relatives and not to worry about them. Naturally, this does not mean that we can not tell them about it when we share information about their lives with them on a daily basis.

However, if the loans are drawn like a loop around your neck, look for help. It’s best to tell your relatives about the situation. When they show understanding, then the solutions to the problem can be found together. In addition, saying about him close is a great relief, which is why we will feel better then.

It is worth using professional help

Let’s also remember that if debts appear, we can consult other people who have experience in this area. We can look for help, among others, in foundations and other organizations dealing with debtors’ help – their addresses can be found on the Internet.

Professional help will be very useful when we do not know how to sort out debt, what to pay first, we need support in preparing letters for banks, loan companies or debt collection companies. In organizations of this type, we will use the support of experts, including lawyers and psychologists.

Debt Consolidation – Interest Rates are Inevitable

Debt Consolidation – Interest Rates are Inevitable



What is an Interest Rate?


Interest is a term for the price repaid to borrow money for a fixed period. More specifically, interest is a percentage of the amount to be repaid in connection with, among other things, debt, loans and reminders. As the loan provider delivers its advice over the amount lent during the term of the loan, interest is charged as a form of compensation for the deferred right.


How is the Interest Rate Calculated?


How is the Interest Rate Calculated?


If you are interested in getting too high interest rates, then it may be a good idea to know the way interest rates are calculated. The interest rate is typically calculated as a percentage per. year. This is also called the interest rate . For example, if you borrow DKK 100 for a year with an interest rate of 5%, it will result in you owing DKK 105 when the year has passed.


Are Interest Rates Inevitable?


Are Interest Rates Inevitable?


Unfortunately, in most cases, interest rates are unavoidable. It is almost never free to borrow money, so you typically have to pay interest. However, there can be a big difference in how high an interest rate is. With some loans you have to pay very high interest rates, while with other loans you almost have to pay nothing in interest.


Get Over Interest – How?


The range of loan providers and loans is really big, which is why it can be difficult to choose. In this connection, many people think enough: drop too high interest rates – how? Firstly, it is extremely important to orientate yourself properly before signing a loan agreement. For example, one can more easily get out of high interest rates if one understands what interest rates are, how the interest rate is calculated and, at the same time, compares loan providers with the interest rate. Secondly, it is about finding a loan with good conditions and looking good on the market when you want to get out of high interest rates.


Interest – the Bad Things in life.


Interest - the Bad Things in life.


Interest is certainly no one who likes. There are really some things in life that you would like to get rid of or avoid, and if you think properly, then it is actually quite a lot of things that one has to do with not being exposed to them, and that as long as possible you will try to live such that you avoid coming out of them.

But life is just like that. There are just a few things that are incredibly hard to go through, but nevertheless you have to go through them, and often and often it turns out that afterwards you can look back and say that walking through it, made you stand behind and were stronger than you were before, and it is in itself very much worth it. But there is no need to expose themselves to more than necessary.


Interest Rates with as Few Costs as they can.


Interest Rates with as Few Costs as they can.


When you know that you have to go through some things that you do not want to go through, but where you can see that you have to go through them, then it is very much about getting through them so Well, as you can at all, and that means that you get through them as gently as you possibly can, with as few costs as possible. Of course it always costs a little, but that’s just the way it is.


One thing that many people will simply have to go through, that is when they are going to record quick loans. In this connection, there is something called interest, and this is something that few people want to pay, but you just have to. But then it’s about getting through as well as possible.


Interest Rates are Inevitable.


When you have to deal with some things that you do not want so much to go through, it is certainly a good thing if you have some good conditions for the whole process that you have to go through because it can do things are much easier, and you really want that.

One thing that you cannot avoid when you take out loans, as there are a lot of people who have to do that, is that you cannot avoid having to pay interest because it is part of it all. But what are interest rates, you can then ask to ask. It is that you take out a loan of an amount, and then you have to pay the entire amount back over a period, and besides the amount you have to pay interest, which is what it costs to borrow.


When Borrowing Loans


When Borrowing Loans


When you take out a loan, it is not completely free. Interest has to be paid, as most people know. However, there is a big difference between the different loans. There are some loans where you have to pay a lot in interest, while there are other loans where you do not have to pay much in interest, and it is typically these loans with low interest rates that you want, because it says After all, these loans are cheaper in the long run and you have better conditions for the loan.

It is certainly not all that you get good terms for a loan, and in some places it is virtually vicious loan that is just about sucking money out of people. But you can easily get a loan with good conditions, it’s just about looking good at the market.


A Large Market with Interest Rates.


There are now many places where you can borrow money today, and you can find advertisements for these places everywhere in the media. This is actually really good, because then as a private person you have more options to choose from, which means that you have greater opportunities to choose the right loan, so that you get as cheap as possible, but that also means that It can be incredibly difficult to find the good sms loans , and it is almost before that you get lost in the jungle, as it has almost become about all the many companies that borrow money. You can easily get confused in the big market, but it’s about keeping your tongue right in your mouth, because then you can actually find your way around the big market as it has gradually become.


When you need to borrow money, it is absolutely important that you orient yourself properly before you start. It is not because there are not many good companies to borrow money from, because it really is in this country. In fact, this country stands out by having an incredible number of companies that are honest when it comes to borrowing money. But there are, after all, some things that one must have control of before you just go out and borrow money, because after all it is a fairly big decision that one makes when one has to borrow money. Therefore, it is about, for example, getting rid of questions such as: what are interest rates? You have to acquire a reasonable knowledge before you get started, otherwise it will go wrong.


Come Safely through the Process with Low Interest Rates.


Come Safely through the Process with Low Interest Rates.

When you have borrowed money that you need for something that costs so much that you do not have all the money right now and here, it may be that you have to build a house , so it is that you would like to come safely and well through the course without anything happening or disagreement about something. It is all about clear and clear lines and full understanding and agreement on the terms of the loan. You can also get this if you use a good and professional company that has to do with this area.

It is important that you get through the process safely, because all parties are most happy about it. The company also gets more customers for this reason, because when it is rumored that it is safe, others will also come.
What is interest? see more here



5 expenses of return to school and 5 payday loans online to finance them

We are already in September and in a few weeks, our children will start going to school. It is a time of reunions, back to routine … and a lot of spending. Many families will have to face all the costs associated with going back to school, but not all of them have the necessary money. A solution to cover all expenses without leaving our accounts to zero is to apply for personal loans online.

Expenses associated with the return to school

The return to school is a challenge for our pockets, somewhat depressed after the summer holidays. However, if we go a little money, we can ask for a personal credit online to meet the following expenses:

  1. Enrollment: in public schools, this cost is € 0, but students of private and arranged schools must pay about € 235 on average.
  2. Textbooks: it is one of the most important expenses, although we can save if we buy them through parent associations or get second-hand books.
  3. Uniforms: the purchase of clothes also makes the return to school more expensive. It is estimated that in public centers this expense reaches € 130, in the concerted reaches up to € 200 and in private reaches € 250.
  4. School supplies: notebooks, pens, folders, markers, backpacks … Separately they do not involve much expense, but in total the school material costs about € 50 per public school student (€ 100 for students of schools and € 130 for students studying in private centers).
  5. Associations and clubs: many children will also return to their extracurricular activities, so the cost of the fees for clubs and associations is added to the cost of returning to school.

In total, the Federation of Independent Consumers Users (FUCI) calculates that the return to school means the disbursement of € 846 per student. If we do not have that money, we can get up to € 900 instantly thanks to the personal online loans granted by many private companies.

Requirements for payday loans online

To be able to access a payday loan online we must comply with the following conditions:

  • Be of legal age and reside in Spain.
  • Have a sufficient source of income to return the personal loan online (payroll, pension, unemployment benefit …).
  • Have an active bank account and our name.
  • Provide a contact route (mobile phone number and / or email address).

Precautions to avoid becoming over independent with online personal loans

These online personal loans are designed to deal with specific emergency situations, so it is not advisable to use them as a normal means of financing. If we do not return the money on time, late interest will be applied to us that can worsen our initial situation and may leave us over-indebted. To avoid penalties for non-payment, it is advisable to extend the term of the personal credit online whenever the company allows it. Asking for the extension will have a cost, but it will always be cheaper than not paying.

Bankruptcy payroll seizure in canada

Payroll seizure is a legal order of the court in Canada that allows a creditor to whom a person owes money to seize a percentage of that person’s wages until his or her debt is repaid. A creditor can not simply enter your salary; there is a procedure to follow that must generally be observed:

  • First, a creditor must obtain a judgment from the court; it is an acknowledgment on the part of the court that the creditor has a claim on the debtor.
  • Then the creditor must be granted an attachment.
  • If there are no physical assets that the creditor has access to, the creditor will usually send a seizure to your employer and pay it back.
  • Your salary will be seized until your debt is repaid.

Payroll seizure is common with those who have no assets or capital that could be used to pay off your debt.

In Canada…

There are provincial and federal laws governing the type of property that can be seized.

In general, laws are similar across Canada with the exception of British Columbia and New Brunswick.

In British Columbia, household goods and appliances cannot be seized by a creditor.

In New Brunswick, creditors cannot do a payroll seizure.

Creditors can not enter a line of credit because there is no real money to take.

But they can grab money directly from your bank account.

In some provinces, creditors can not seize more than 30% of a paycheck from your employer. While in other provinces, the rules are much more complicated.

If your salary is currently under seizure, it is important that you contact an authorized insolvency agent to provide you with information specific to your province.

How can my salary be seized if I am self-employed?

Unfortunately, the self-employed can see up to 100% of their wages seized. Most of the rules regarding payroll seizure apply only to fixed job wages. Do not panic, while it is possible for a creditor to take 100% of your salary, most will not. If a creditor takes a reasonable percentage of your income, you will be less likely to change jobs and thereby change the amount they can take.

Finally, in order to capture the income of a self-employed worker, the creditor must deal with one of his clients. This sometimes leads to complications since a seizure is only valid for a certain period of time. Thus, it requires the creditor a good organization in collecting their money.

When will the creditors take my salary?

Unfortunately, there is no concrete answer to this question. Creditors do not always capture wages, even if debtors have stopped making payments. Generally, it takes time and energy for creditors to come to seize your salary.

How to stop the payroll seizure?

If you currently have a creditor who threatens to seize your salary, a creditor who has already obtained a court judgment or even a creditor who has provided a seizure to your employer, you are still able to stop the seizure of happening.

Here are some of your options:

  • You can quit your job and by the same token will not get any wages. While this is a valid option, it may not be the best option for most people.
  • You can contact your creditor and negotiate a new repayment plan and ask to cancel the seizure.
  • Apply for a personal loan and use it to repay the creditor who threatens to seize your salary.

If your salary is currently being entered and you want to stop the process immediately, your two best options are either filling out a consumer proposal or going bankrupt. Both of these measures lead to a stay of proceedings. You are thus protected from creditors. Remember that a consumer proposal and a bankruptcy will prevent the seizure of your salary, but will also affect your credit as well as your financial situation- Bankruptcy Solutions.

Need financial help?

If you are currently going through a financially difficult time and need help, we can help you find the best option to manage your debts according to your personal needs.