5 expenses of return to school and 5 payday loans online to finance them

We are already in September and in a few weeks, our children will start going to school. It is a time of reunions, back to routine … and a lot of spending. Many families will have to face all the costs associated with going back to school, but not all of them have the necessary money. A solution to cover all expenses without leaving our accounts to zero is to apply for personal loans online.

Expenses associated with the return to school

The return to school is a challenge for our pockets, somewhat depressed after the summer holidays. However, if we go a little money, we can ask for a personal credit online to meet the following expenses:

  1. Enrollment: in public schools, this cost is € 0, but students of private and arranged schools must pay about € 235 on average.
  2. Textbooks: it is one of the most important expenses, although we can save if we buy them through parent associations or get second-hand books.
  3. Uniforms: the purchase of clothes also makes the return to school more expensive. It is estimated that in public centers this expense reaches € 130, in the concerted reaches up to € 200 and in private reaches € 250.
  4. School supplies: notebooks, pens, folders, markers, backpacks … Separately they do not involve much expense, but in total the school material costs about € 50 per public school student (€ 100 for students of schools and € 130 for students studying in private centers).
  5. Associations and clubs: many children will also return to their extracurricular activities, so the cost of the fees for clubs and associations is added to the cost of returning to school.

In total, the Federation of Independent Consumers Users (FUCI) calculates that the return to school means the disbursement of € 846 per student. If we do not have that money, we can get up to € 900 instantly thanks to the personal online loans granted by many private companies.

Requirements for payday loans online

To be able to access a payday loan online we must comply with the following conditions:

  • Be of legal age and reside in Spain.
  • Have a sufficient source of income to return the personal loan online (payroll, pension, unemployment benefit …).
  • Have an active bank account and our name.
  • Provide a contact route (mobile phone number and / or email address).

Precautions to avoid becoming over independent with online personal loans

These online personal loans are designed to deal with specific emergency situations, so it is not advisable to use them as a normal means of financing. If we do not return the money on time, late interest will be applied to us that can worsen our initial situation and may leave us over-indebted. To avoid penalties for non-payment, it is advisable to extend the term of the personal credit online whenever the company allows it. Asking for the extension will have a cost, but it will always be cheaper than not paying.